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Jacqueline Schaffer | A Body Scrub For Smooth & Radiant Skin Tutorial
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A Body Scrub For Smooth & Radiant Skin Tutorial

Jacqueline Schaffer DIY Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

A Body Scrub For Smooth & Radiant Skin Tutorial

I just love an easy homemade body scrub that does the job. Lately I’ve been into citrus scents because they’re so refreshing and it is filled with vitamin c! The base of this scrub is sugar based but know that you can also use epsom salt. Now, lets talk about how using orange essential oil is beneficial for your skin! As mentioned earlier, orange has vitamin c which is responsible for restoring collagen in your body. Any collagen that is produce is amazing because it also firms up the skin and prevents aging.


5 teaspoon argan oil

1 teaspoon orange essential oil

5 tablespoons sugar


Mix all ingredients into bowl till it turns into a paste
Massage into skin for 5-10 mins
Rinse with warm water



Jacqueline Schaffer

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