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Jacqueline Schaffer | Meet Dr. Schaffer
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Making skin look flawless has never been so simple.


Originally from Northern California, Dr. Schaffer has lived in many countries around the world and earned her MD from the international Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest, Hungary. During her medical studies, she founded the international charity A Sandwich a Day, whose mission it is to feed the homeless and offer nutritional education to those in need.

As a professional model, she noticed how powerfully her choice of skin care product impacted her self-confidence. When she researched the ingredients found in the beauty products she used daily, she discovered that many chemicals were simply not beneficial for her skin over time, and some of them quite damaging. Backed by her medical background and having supported her mother fight skin cancer not once but twice, she was dismayed by how the beauty industry’s misleading promises could take away women’s natural health and beauty.

Shortly after graduating from medical school, Dr. Schaffer has been committed to restoring the time honored art of skincare and rituals of rejuvenation that had been largely lost and had been replaced with a disquieting regiment of harsh and sometimes toxic products. Dr. Schaffer has created easy skin care guide which provide tools to help clear acne, fight premature aging in a fun, simple way. 

Our mission is to help women achieve acne free skin, prevent premature aging, & making it simple along the way. Take our FREE skin quiz to learn how! COMING SOON