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Jacqueline Schaffer | Healthy & Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe You Must Try
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Healthy & Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe You Must Try

Jacqueline Schaffer smoothie for healthy skin

Healthy & Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe You Must Try

Drinking smoothies filled with fruits and veggies is one of the most powerful habits you can cultivate. I’m pretty adamant about making myself a smoothie to kick off my day because not only does it provides load of energy, it also tasty vitamins that contribute to better skin. I always say, why not love yourself from the inside and out?

Today’s smoothie is a delicious apple and carrot smoothie! Now lets get down to the nutritional facts. Apples and carrots are full with nutritional benefits such as;

  • They have a high dose  of vitamin c; which is known to aid with production of collagen.
  • Vitamin B2 that stimulates hair growth
  • Vitamin A help with skin development;  protects from skin cancer
  • Apples are extremely hydrating and help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.




Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

Jacqueline Schaffer

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